Q. What is the duration and operating hours of the 2021 Online Meet in Korea?

A. The 2021 Online Meet in Korea will operate 24 hours a day from December 6 - 14.

Q. How does the Regional Online Fam Tour(Familiarization Tour) work?

A. The Fam Tour video will showcase convention centers, accommodations, and experience programs.

Q. If I do not agree to the use of personal information, am I unable to participate in this Fam Tour?

A. If you do not agree to the use of personal information and do not wish to fill out an immigration card, you can still participate in the Fam Tour by clicking the ‘Let’s Meet in Korea 2021’ button.

Q. Do I need to watch all 4 regions at once?

A. After the welcome video, if you select a video by region on My Page, you can watch it from where you left off at any time.

Q. How can I get the reward prize?

A. You can get the reward prize by completing all quizzes or answering the survey. However, in order to receive the reward, you must agree to the use of personal information and fill out an immigration card. The rewards will be provided in the form of online gift certificates and will be sent from each overseas branch. (Amounts set for each branch vary)
* Please note, the reward event may end early if supply runs out.

Q. How can I get information on facilities and attractions featured in the Fam Tour video?

A. You can contact the local CVB, and contact information can be found in the ‘Regional CVB’s contact’ at the top right of the online Fam Tour page.